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Niche Site Project 1 Overview (EMD Domain)

Welcome to my first niche site project. Here I will share different statistics of my site of niche site project 1.

I started this site in January 2020 but because of some personal problems, I can’t share it at that time. But now you will get new report fast. Hope I will publish a new report this month. So stay tuned for new updates.

So whats in niche site project 1?

In this niche site project, I will share case study where I build a brand new site and document my journey. I will share earnings, traffic, content and more.

What about the domain?

The most important part I think is its an EMD domain. I brought an EMD domain to test how works. Besides, I saw many EMD domains are thriving on Google’s first page. So, I think let give it a try. Also, it tends to easy to rank with EMD domain. But it has some drawbacks too like not much room t expand the site.


This site is related to the outdoor niche. A funny fact is I thought it will be 8% commission Amazon. But later I find it is 6%. But the main fact here is the product price. In this niche, product price starts from under hundred dollars to over thousand dollars. It is what I was focusing on when researching. Though the commission percentage is quite low than what I expected hopefully the product price can cover it.

Keyword volume is over 1500 in USA. First page of Google is packed with authority sites and also some manufacturer sites. There are also some Youtube videos and a few niche sites. It looks like easy to rank in my research.

The Work

I purchased the exact match domain with .com extension on Namecheap.It cost about $10 with the coupon that I got searching on Google. I have hosting package so I add this domain to this. I install WordPress and setting up the site. I have Astra theme also, I install it and add some essential plugins like contact form, SEO plugin, etc. So because of already having hosting and theme it just cost me domain price to start.

After setting up the site now it time to produce content. I have keyword list ready to hit. So I went to an outsourcing site to hire a content writer. I hired a native English writer at $10 per 1000 word rate. My budget was very low at this time. So I purchased 3 articles of total 3000words at $30+$3 service charge. I published 3 articles in first month and let the site bake on google’s oven. Let’s see what happens next.

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