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How to write an intro paragraph in an essay or article?

An introduction is a main part of an article. It will decide, if your article will be a hit or flop. If you write an introduction there is more chance your reader will more likely to read your article. If it is a bad intoduction they can bounce back without reading your article.

So, you need a good introduction to engage your audience and encourage them to read your whole writing. It is the first fraction of your writing that people will read. If you impress them with your introduction there is more chance they will read the whole article.

A good introduction will have these criteria:

You should know these criteria when writing introduction of an article,

  • Have a short and interesting first sentence: It will give a brief overview of your topic or subject. Write something that will catch people’s attention. To make your article more engaging use first and second person(I and you).
  • Don’t repeat the title again: Try to write the shortcomings as first as possible that will keep people engage more.
  • Dedicate some sentences that will tell people, what this article covers, the shortcomings and the importance of the article.
  • Be careful about telling stories: Don’t tell a long story at first, rather keep it sweet and simple. Remember, no one likes long and wordy first sentence as introduction.
  • Try to add unique: fresh and engaging sentences(thought) at first. That will keep the readers happy.
  • Try to start with a quotation: This will get your reader’s attention super fast. Then go with a fun fact and tell them a good story that will engage your readers and make them read the full content.
  • Along with ask questions, you can start with a statement: If you start with a statement some people will agree with your statement and they will read to verify their thoughts. Those who disagree with your statement will also read to know what they are missing out and they will want to relate with your statement if it’s right or wrong.

These are the basic things that you should consider when writing an introduction. You can also add your twist to make your intros more interesting. If you can make this part right there is more chance your article will be like by your readers.

That’s it for today. I will improve this article when get some new info to add and have time to do it. If you have any thought please let me know in the comment section below. And do not forget to share this post with your friends who can get help from this post.

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