How I Hire Freelancers – Freelancer Hiring Tips 2021

How I found them?

Finding freelancers is a very easy task with the help of freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork but finding the right freelancer is a hard task. It requires time and effort. Usually, I find freelancers by posting a project on freelancer.com here I add project details and requirements. Freelancers send their proposals and I need to choose the right and best one from them by going through their proposals.

How I vetted them?

This is the most important part. This part can break or make your project. You need to be very careful when choosing a freelancer because there are many fake accounts. You need to smart enough to tackle them. To avoid fake accounts you should go for an old account that has many positive reviews and has a real person behind it. It will be better if the freelancer has his social accounts connected to the account. After eliminating the fake and suspicious accounts you need to ask for samples of their work and discuss the project. Based on their talent you choose the right freelancer for your project.

Was it a success?

Based on my many hirings, I can say most of them were successful. When I was new I made some mistakes and the project was not that successful what I want. But not I learned from those mistakes and I put many filters on the projects to make them successful.

I also want to share a horror story in short. A few months ago I post a project on freelancer.com and I got a decent proposal from a US freelancer at a cheap price. Her account has some good reviews. I thought it’s a really good deal. But after discussing my project I saw that she doesn’t reply properly also has many grammatical mistakes.I doubted and did some investigation.

I put her profile image in a Google image search and found that it was from a stock photo site. I caught her red-handed and contact the freelancer.com support team. And after some days her account was suspended. Pro tips: If you have doubts, check the freelancer profile photo in Google image search and see where the image appears. Is it on a stock photo site or other freelancer markets and social profiles?

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