How to Go Viral On Facebook – The Easy Way to Do It

A post going viral is actually a best thing. Do not get more wrong.

Most shares connect to more reach and more eyes on your content, definitely more fans, and Facebook is then more likely to deliver your content out into the newsfeed of your fans more often.

Most of you know that more comments, likes, and shares you get, the more likely your content is going to be seen by your likers/fans in future.

So, The Question is How to Go Viral On Facebook?

Here’s 5 top things that you should know to go viral:

Be original

When it comes to creating a viral post on Facebook, originality is the most vital thing.

You can take inspiration from the other people, but as soon as you find trying to be like a big name else, you have failed.

Be original, and make something that does not yet exist.

Target “trending” topics

As vital as originality is, you have to make something that people are interested in.

This means you have to learn how to twist latest trending topics and make your own content out of it.

Since social media monster removed their “what is trending spec, this is a pretty difficult to keep up with, but most other platforms still highlight them, like Twitter and Google.

Timing is everything

Seriously, this point is big!

If you want to go viral on facebook this is one of the most important thing that you should count on.

You need to post your image at a time when people are alert and on their phones.

Collaborate with similar creators

So find creators that make the same types of posts as you, and figure out a way to get them to share your content. Reach out to them and link with them, and help share their own posts.

Focus on your community

Look, I know you want millions of fresh people to see your post, but the top way to make this happen is to target on your existing community first.

Take care of them. Ensure they get access to your content first.

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