Best Free Traffic Generation Methods

You want to generate free traffic for your blog or business.

This is a comprehensive guide to free lead generation and free traffic generation for your business online.

Real fast before I justify a number of the simplest free lead and traffic generation methods, I need to clarify a touch regarding what’s web selling, lead generation, and traffic generation.

Internet selling is generating sales and/or capture leads from prospects that square measure looking out the net. this will be a pile for your business if you generate effective lead and traffic generation.

Traffic Generation is making the foremost exposure to your web site from online selling efforts. I will go into these effective strategies in a moment.

Here’s Some Free Traffic Generation:

Lead Generation

is once the ‘visitor’ is viewing your website, you then want to capture them as a ‘lead.’ Generating them as a lead is where the big bucks come in.

You don’t want them to just visit your website, you want them to leave their contact information (usually email) so that you can have them as a lead. To capture them as a leader is the most profitable science in internet marketing. To create a profitable lead generation please you can read further.

Outsourcing Vs. Your Time

You can do this on your own or outsource. Why outsource? Lead and traffic generation is very time consuming and if you want to spend time on your business then its best to leverage your time to a professional.

Another reason to outsource is that the free avenues are only as effective as your time spent. Meaning if you are not constantly marketing these channels then your lead and traffic generation is only congruent to consistency.

How important is professional traffic generation? Even if you conduct these strategies free, you still may commit some mistakes and thus not creating effective marketing. You will eventually correct those mistakes, however, that is usually after quite some time and often a lot of money.

Now onto the best free resources. Before you concentrate on developing leads that convert into sales, start with traffic generation. Here are places you can go to get this for free.


Create free eBook that reports free advice and strategies about your services. Create enough free value that people can apply what your eBook contains.

Once you create this there are hundreds of ways to market this. Start with uploading to “Smashwords.” As long as your eBook is written correctly, you will defiantly find the best ways to get this free eBook in front of so many people that will, in turn, create free traffic.

Video tutorials

If you give away some free tips and strategies on what your paid services usually don’t offer for free, I can guarantee that not only is your video going to get a lot of views but you can free traffic generation.

When you put your website in the description section of the video site people will definitely scope it out. This works very well even if the video is recorded from a basic camera, but it’s all in value you provide.

Forum posts

As long as you are posting relevant and valuable content in forums, then you will for sure get targeted traffic to your website.

Private Label content

Do a search on private label rights and private label content and you will already have some ideas brewing that will help you get free traffic.


This is great for small to mid-sized businesses that find it difficult to find the time set-up, run and manage a full-blown campaign with social media.

Use LinkedIn Answers, which is a useful and under-utilized tool on LinkedIn. It’s a section wherever those that wish to raise questions about the business move to get a recommendation. Guess who’s giving the advice? Use LinkedIn applications, where you can add your blog posts to your LinkedIn page, it’s easy.

Use LinkedIn Groups where you join groups, discuss, share, answer questions and provide your link in almost every post. You can LinkedIn Direct Ads, where this is not free but worth mentioning because the advertising program that can be used to drive new leads and traffic generation to your website. And finally create a LinkedIn Schedule where you follow all of this on a certain day of the week, every week and it will work as a great tool and resource for traffic generation.


Create a blog where you write articles and upload videos on your services, industry news etc. If you write something new more than once a week, this content will get picked up in search engines.

Content is king and will win over any advertising form online. If you get a blog, upload and activate these free plugins to WordPress: WP Super Cache, SEO Ultimate, All In One SEO, Indexing Tool, XML Sitemap, Pop Up Domination, Facebook Like, Facebook Platform, DandyID Services. Once you have optimized your blog, just create content and this will drive serious traffic to your website and business.

Resource directories

look up the best online resource directory for your industry and post a piece on your business and website. Just type in “(your industry) Resource directories” and you will find a few directories that you can post on for free.


Just type in ClickBank in a search engine and it will over how to buy, sell or promote digital products that in turn can create traffic generation to your website.

Get a free consultation for your business today where I will cover how to create the most profitable lead and traffic generation your business.

Press releases square measure another nice possibility wherever you transmit press releases. one promulgation has the potential of reaching thousands of users. This packaging goes to value you some cash, however, can guarantee leads to the shape of a lot of traffic and radio and tv appearances. you’ll be able to additionally target specific teams through a rented list and send postcards, etc to them through email.

On the opposite hand, traffic generation is additionally doable utterly freed from value. Over the long term, these free traffic generation strategies square measure thought-about more practical. Articles square measure one such technique that includes a lasting impact on the number of holidaymakers you get. you’ll be able to write articles regarding the topic with acceptable keywords and submit them to completely different article directories. This mechanically generates a lot of guests also as will increase the ranking of your webpage in search engines.

A journal is another good way to direct traffic to your web site, that is incredibly low-cost to free. Content made articles on your journal can do wonders to the traffic you get. Since blogs have associate degree ever-increasing quality, there’s no manner this is often not reaching to work for you as long as you place forth the trouble.

Trading links is additionally a decent possibility, that is once more freed from value. Commenting on high traffic blogs and as well as links to alternative blogs on your posts is unquestionably obtaining you to the highest. infectious agent videos on YouTube and affiliate programs also are freeways that of obtaining a lot of traffic. Traffic generation is troublesome, however, isn’t possible. With the proper reasonably strategy and approach, any business will try this.

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